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Your Customs Clearance Solution

Looking for a customs clearance agent in Ireland? We're a better way to self-create customs declarations, clear your goods faster and ensure your business is compliant.

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What We Do

Declaron is a customs clearance solution that both lets you save time and money by creating and self-managing your own customs declarations online and steps in to act as customs clearance agent on your behalf to Revenue, in the event of any delays.

This means you can save time on paperwork, clear your goods faster, while being sure you're compliant and audit-ready.

Why Choose Us?

Clarity on Customs

Customs can be complicated – especially when you are new to it! Declaron is designed so anyone can manage their new customs needs. With expert support, practical guides and built in smart-logic to avoid errors – you can get clear on customs fast.

Faster Clearance

Our smart system greatly reduces declaration errors. This minimizes red and orange routing delays to your goods at customs. If there are issues, our customs agents are ready to represent you 24/7 and help get it sorted.  

AEO Certified - Security and Peace of Mind

In choosing Declaron, you can be confident that your declarations are compliant and your business is always customs audit-ready.  As an independent solution you won’t be tied to us, but we’re ready to scale with your business if you do!

Transparent and Flexible

Budgeting for Brexit is extremely challenging, so we’ve made our pricing transparent and flexible.  Register just once for €249, then pay-as-you-go per declaration.  No hidden or recurring fees, no long-term contracts and no charges for users or storage. You’re in control.

Declaron is AEO certified and built by Fexco and BDO - so you know you can trust our solution to keep your business moving!

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Why You Need a Customs Clearance Agent...

As of January 1st 2021, the UK is no longer part of the EU single market. 

Any Irish business importing or exporting between Ireland and the UK are required to provide and manage  customs clearance documentation. Failure to do so will result in goods being delayed at customs – impacting supply chains – as well as opening the risk of compliance audits from Revenue.