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At Declaron our vision is to create simplicity for businesses importing and exporting through technology. In line with that vision we are delighted to share the lineup for out webinar series given by the customs experts at our sister company, BDO.

1. Brexit – What’s happening         

  • Release Date: 29 July
  • Live Q&A Session: to be replayed
  • Presented by: Carol Lynch
  • Carol discusses the current status of Brexit talks, how imports and exports are handled right now and what your business will need to prepare.

2. Introduction to Customs Procedures

  • Release Date: 13 August
  • Live Q&A Session: 17 August – 12pm
  • Presented by: Trevor Dempsey
  • Trevor provides a high-level overview of Customs, Imports and Exports. He goes through the 5 pillars of exports and the various optimisations businesses can adopt when moving their goods and dealing with customs requirements.

3. EORI & Deferred Account

  • Release Date: 18 August
  • Live Q&A Session: 20 August – 12pm
  • Presented by: Ben Twomey
  • Ben will talk you through how to apply for an EORI number – an essential for traders. He will also discuss how businesses can apply for a deferred account to help them manage their payments of customs duties.

4. Import VAT

  • Release Date: 25 August
  • Live Q&A Session: 27 August – 2pm
  • Presented by: Fionn Uíbh Eachcach
  • In this webinar, Fionn presents the VAT issues that businesses need to consider when moving their goods between Ireland and the UK.

5. Tariff Classifications

  • Release Date: 1 September
  • Live Q&A Session: 3 September – 2pm
  • Presented by: David Savage
  • David makes an introduction on the topic of tariff classifications,its majorimportance in thecustoms processand how to assign tariff codes to products.


  • Release Date: 8 September
  • Live Q&A Session: 10 September – 2pm
  • Presented by: Trevor Dempsey
  • Trevor joins us again as he talks about the various International Commercial Terms(INCOTERMS)that can be applicable to sellers, suppliers and customers.

7. SADs – Customs Declarations

  • Release Date: 15 September
  • Live Q&A Session: 17 September – 2pm
  • Presented by: Ben Twomey
  • Ben is invited once more to break down what is for customs paperwork in imports and exports and howto ease the burden of completing it.

8. SPS/Agricultural Goods

  • Release Date: 22 September
  • Live Q&A Session: 24 September – 2pm
  • Presented by: David Savage
  • David comes back with another presentation focusing on customsissues and rules specifically for agricultural goods.

Our webinars will be hosted by Michael Nolan, COO of Declaron. Lorna Kelly, Senior Manager at BDO Customs and International Trade Services, will host the live, interactive Q&A sessions.

About the presenters

Carol Lynch is a Partner in the BDO Customs and International Trade Servicesdepartment. She has over 25 years’ experience in customs services with expertise in customs, excise, export controls, anti-dumping, audits and investigations.

Fionn Uíbh Eachach is a Partner in BDO’s Indirect Tax deparment. He has over 15 years’ experience advising both local Irish International clients on VAT issues across a range of industries such as manufacturing, retail and technology.

Trevor Dempsey is a Senior Manager in BDO’s Customs and International Trade Department. He has over 15 years of experience as a Customs and International Trade Specialist representing clients in Medical Devices, IT, FMCG and telecommunications.

David Savage is a Manager in BDO’s Customs and Inter-national Trade. Overthe past 16 years, hehas represented Ireland on inter-national committees such as the Economic Tariff Questions Group and the EU Textile Labelling Expert Group.

Ben Twomey is a Customs Consultant in BDO Customs and International Trade Services. He specialises in customs clearances, primarily on import and export declarations, SAD audits, valuation and classifications.