Updates from Declaron | Brexit news

This week has been an exciting and busy time as we ramp up our social media presence and get our name out there. We have seen a jump in the number of people visiting our site and we are delighted to welcome all our newcomers. Our webinar this week on Tariff Classifications has also had successful release and Q&A session. Stay tuned for next week where we will be covering INCOTERMS with the help of Trevor Dempsey, Senior Manager at BDO Customs and International Trade. If you are new to the site and would like to get access to these webinars, please register your interest with Declaron here.

Brexit News

We have also kept an eye on the latest Brexit developments. Below are some stand-out headlines over the past few days:

Barnier in London for informal Brexit talks (RTÉ)

1 September, EU negotiator Michel Barnier arrived in London for informal talks with his UK counterpart, David Frost. Formal negotiations will begin next Monday. Even though Britain’s transition period will end on January 1, the negotiators will have now until mid-October to have an agreement on the future relationship between EU and the UK. Read more on RTÉ News.

Finance minister Paschal Donohoe calls for Brexit negotiators to redouble efforts as deadline draws closer (CNBC)

While governments and ministers are dealing with handling the coronavirus pandemic, Paschal Donohoe has stressed that Brexit negotiating teams need to double down on their “creativity and commitment” to reach an agreement before the end of the year. Donohoe told CNBC Friday the importance of the these talks have been intensified by the global economy being gripped by Covid-19 developments in the last few months. Donohoe says: “It’s so important that all of us redouble our efforts and redouble our creativity and commitment to see if a pathway for an agreement can be found because the impact of a very, very hard Brexit on all participants in global trade, of course, is only going to be heightened if we are already dealing with the consequences of Covid-19.” Read more on CNBC.

Industry warns of Brexit border chaos (Financial Times)

Leading customs and logistics associations in the UK have demanded a meeting with chancellor Rishi Sunak and Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove, warning of inadequate Brexit border preparations risking disruptions to supply chains next year. Signatories include trade lobby groups such as the Road Haulage Association and Logistics UK and several leading freight companies. Read more on Financial Times.