Movements of Animals or Products of Animal Origin Using the UK Landbridge in the Case of a No Deal Brexit

Once the UK exits the EU, the movement of agri-foods from one Member State to another through the UK will be subject to customs transit procedures. Animals or animal products will also need to go through veterinary controls at the point of re-entry into the European Union. The landbridge refers to:
  • anyone who is moving products from Ireland to Europe and driving through the UK on their way to Europe, or;
  • anyone moving products from Europe to Ireland
What you will need If you are responsible for moving animal and animal products through the UK landbridge in either directions, you will need to meer the conditions below as per EU legislation:
  • the animals/animal products need to be moved in accordance with Customs transit procedure: The form needs to be emailed to
  • you need to regiter on TRACES:
  • you need to complete and submit the relevant part of the Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) in TRACES ahead og the consignment’s re-entry into the EU – failute to do this will delay the consignment
  • current intra-Community rules continue to apply in relation to documentary and sealing requirements with the exception of bovine and ungulate animals for immediate slaughter, the transport vehicle must be sealed and the official certificates stamped at the exit point from the EU by the competent authority with the wording ‘ONLY FOR TRANSIT BETWEEN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION VIA THE UK’
What to do now If the person responsible for the load and does not have access to TRACES, then they need to register now by filling out the application form in the link above and emailing it to