Declaron Partners with Freight Transport Association of Ireland

We are delighted to share that we are now in partnership with the Freight Transport Association of Ireland (FTAI), a not-for-profit membership trade association for the Irish freight, passenger and logistics industries. Through this partnership, Declaron will help even more Irish businesses manage new customs procedures that will come into place post-Brexit. With the surge of businesses needing access to services provided by customs agents, we are looking forward to playing a critical role in ensuring the optimal movement of goods even after the end of Brexit’s transition period.

Aidan Flynn, General Manager of FTAI says “With their expertise, flawless platform, and excellent customer service, the team at Declaron are among the best customs clearance solution providers in the business; we are looking forward to working with them and making the new customs requirements as painless as possible for Irish companies trading with, or through, Britain.”

Carol Lynch, Partner in Customs and International Trade at our sister company, BDO, adds “With only 15 weeks to go until the big day, we’d strongly recommend Irish businesses put in place a timeline and ensure all applications for customs authorisations are submitted by the end of this month. Businesses need to be sure they’ve agreed their delivery terms with customers and suppliers, have a high-quality customs agent, and arranged customs training on the information required to complete declarations.”

Declaron is here to support businesses in completing their declarations with our tech-led solutions. We recommend for traders to review the basics of planning for Brexit and taking steps to have these requirements ready. To learn more about how Declaron can work for you, click here.