What is a SAD form?

What is a SAD form? 

The Single Administrative Document (SAD) is the principal customs form used in international trade to or from the European Union Customs Union.  The form is predominantly used for declaring the export of goods and when an export declaration is made in the country of export, a SAD import must also be submitted in the country of import.The exporter must know the following details prior to filling in and submitting the SAD form – consignor, consignee, transport, invoicing, classification and origin details before entering these details on the SAD form.

Who needs one? 

The form is used by traders and agents to help with declaring import, export, transit and community status declarations in manual processing situations. 

How do I get one? 

The trader or customs agent can access a SAD form on a third party software system that links directly with ROS in Ireland or HMRC in the UK. In Ireland the SAD form is submitted exclusively online.