How to Decide on the Right Customs Solution for your Business

How to decide on the right customs solution for your business 

We discuss the most effective ways to figure out which customs solution is the best fit for your business..

 Cost benefit analysis

You need to do a cost benefit analysis. What you need to work out is what your shipments are? Are there 24/7 or are they just during the day? Have you got one hundred or one? What’s going to be the cost of having people in-house? You need a minimum of five generally when you’re bringing it in house, assuming that you’re operating 24/7 because shipments always operate 24/7. 

From there you need to work out what the cost is of hiring people who have experience. This can be very, very difficult, to find but you can’t have someone completing customs declarations who doesn’t know what they’re doing. It’s a tough situation. In general, you’re looking for two- or three-years’ experience. 

You then need to make sure that you’re keeping up to date pace with the requirements. To do this you need to have a structure in place for that and then you need to work out the costs, obviously. 

Next you want to put down the three options on a piece of paper. 

What’s the cost of bringing it in and what’s the cost of hiring? What’s the cost of paying an agent such as Declaron? – So you have an outsourced and you have the expertise and the customs knowledge along with the clearance on the 24/7 support or what’s the cost of going to a haulier which would be a different cost structure?

Enterprise Ireland grant

The next thing to consider is that Enterprise Ireland has a grant of nine thousand euros if you’re taking on someone full time. This can also be used if you’re taking on someone full time to manage the declarations, while using Declaron at the same time, so you can go towards that as well, which is a huge benefit in the service. 

Three options

In summary, there are three options with Declaron being in the middle. 

  1. There’s one which is an in house, going direct through an integration with revenue. 
  2. Declaron and the kind of support of the customs agents that are there because you don’t need that same kind of customs in-house customs expertise. Literally what you’re saying is that you need someone to drive the system, but they’ve got the customs clearance supports online at any time. 
  3. Then the third one is a customs broker or customs agent who will do everything.