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What we do

Declaron is a new customs clearance service designed to help businesses manage their customs needs all in one secure place.

We can help you navigate the complex world of customs, clear your goods faster and be sure your business is compliant and audit-ready.​

Days to Brexit

Key Features

Why Declaron?

Clarity on Customs

Customs can be complex – especially when you are new to it. Our offering has been designed from the ground up to help non-experts navigate their customs requirements. With guided paths, built in smart-logic and always-on customs clearance support we will help.

Faster Clearance

With our online platform guiding you, and expert customs clearance expertise on hand, our team will ensure your documentation is correct, so that your goods clear customs faster. If there are issues, you’ll be notified and we’ll handle it for you, minimising delays.

Security and Peace of Mind

With all of your documentation created, managed, and logically filed in one secure place, and with expertise on demand, you can be confident in knowing customs declarations are compliant and your business is audit-ready. As an independent solution you won’t be tied to us, but we’re ready to scale with your business if you do!

Transparent and Flexible

We know budgeting for the year ahead is extremely challenging, so we’ve made our pricing transparent and flexible. There’s a one off sign-up fee and then you just pay-as-you-go for declarations. You can purchase single declarations, or get great value with our flexi-bundles.   No hidden or recurring fees. No charges for extra users or storage. You’re in control.  

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Why You Need a Customs Agent...

From January 1st 2021, the UK will no longer be in the EU single market and will become a third country. 

Any Irish business sending goods to and receiving goods from the UK will be required to provide and manage detailed customs clearance documentation. Failure to do so will result in goods being delayed at customs, impacting supply chains and end customers as well as opening the risk of compliance audits from Revenue.

Regardless of tariffs or trade agreements, this is a definite. So let’s get your business ready to do business, whatever the outcome. 

Days to Brexit

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