Feature and Benefits

The flexible solution for non-customs experts!


Customs is complicated and time consuming! Our service is designed to ensure faster end to end customs declaration management than traditional paper – based systems.

Built for Teams

Invite as many team members as you need to help with processing your declarations and manage them all from your Declaron dashboard. 

Smart Logic

Declaron will help work out what permits and authorisations if any you need to specify and then when it comes to declaration time our system will use this information to help you create the declaration and submit to Customs. 

No Integrations

Declaron is a cloud solution meaning no expensive integrations. Just register and start making your declarations.

Additional Resources

Declaron offers a host of free online supports, materials and webinars to help our customers thrive through Brexit. 

Don't delay on Brexit. Secure a solution today.

Why Choose Us?

Why Declaron?

Clarity on Customs

Customs can be complex – especially when you are new to it. Our offering has been designed from the ground up to help non-experts navigate their customs requirements. With guided paths, built in smart-logic and always-on customs clearance support we will help.

Faster Clearance

With our online platform guiding you, and expert customs clearance expertise on hand, our team will ensure your documentation is correct, so that your goods clear customs faster. If there are issues, you’ll be notified and we’ll handle it for you, minimising delays.

Security and Peace of Mind

With all of your documentation created, managed, and logically filed in one secure place, and with expertise on demand, you can be confident in knowing customs declarations are compliant and your business is audit-ready. As an independent solution you won’t be tied to us, but we’re ready to scale with your business if you do!

Transparent and Flexible

We know budgeting for the year ahead is extremely challenging, so we’ve made our pricing transparent and flexible. There’s a one off sign-up fee and then you just pay-as-you-go for declarations. You can purchase single declarations, or get great value with our flexi-bundles.   No hidden or recurring fees. No charges for extra users or storage. You’re in control.  

Our added Value

Declaron is a partnership venture of BDO and Fexco. Our customer care team have decades of experience in customs and are ready to support your business. We offer a host of additional free online supports and educational materials to prepare for Brexit.