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Why Declaron?

Reduce Costly Errors

To date, we’ve reduced our customers documentation errors by over 95%. 

Customs can be complex – especially when you are new to them. Our offering has been designed from the ground up to help non-experts navigate their customs requirements. With guided paths, built-in smart-logic and support to help you get going, you can save on costly red routing errors and resources.  

 We have an abundance of resources to get a member of your team onboarded as efficiently as possible. 

Get Transparent and Flexible Costs

No hidden or recurring fees. No charges for extra users or storage. No big commitments. You’re in control!  

We know budgeting can be challenging, so we’ve made our pricing 100% transparent and flexible. There’s a one off sign-up fee and then you just pay per declaration. The more you use per month, the more you save. 

 This resourcing and solution cost can even be directly off set by a 9K fund available from Enterprise Ireland!



Security for the Future

Unlike many others, Declaron is an AEO certified solution.

This is an internally recognised ‘stamp of approval’ that ensures safety, security and compliance for your business. With all of your documentation created, managed, and logically filed in one secure place, you can be confident in the knowledge you’re compliant and audit-ready. 

As an independent solution, you also won’t be tied to us, but we’re ready to scale with your business if you do. 

Faster Customs Clearance

24/7 Agent Representation to Revenue 

Start with our online solution for quicker and more efficient customs clearance. Our solution aims to reduce red and orange routing, and if necessary, our customs agents are available 24/7 to serve you and assist you with getting everything sorted.

 Customs clearance can be a daunting task, but with Declaron, you can guarantee that the right and complete paperwork is sent to revenue on time and that the items arrive on time.