How Declaron Works

There are 6 simple steps to ensure customs clearance so your business is ready to trade post Brexit with Declaron. Our full product demo is below. If you have any questions, get in touch

1. Getting started

The first step is to ensure you are clearance ready and our product meets your unique business needs. Register your interest and one of our representatives will be in contact help you determine your business readiness and if our product will meet your unique business needs (as in some rare cases, you may need to take additional steps).

2. Register with Declaron and input your company details.

Registering is simple once you have all the info you need. But don't worry, we are here to guide you through the rest of the process. This includes access to our customer care team, live demos and Q&A sessions.

3. Appoint your customs agent

Before submitting your first declaration for 2021, you will need to email with the a form permitting Declaron to submit declarations on your behalf. Revenue require you do this, regardless of who you choose to represent you.

4. Create your master list of items / products you intend to import or export.

Upload your product details and create your product master list of items and classification codes. Once created, you can then update your products with relevant licences, measures and economic procedures. Our system will know what to ask you about each product, so that you're fully prepared in advance of doing your first declaration.

5. Create and submit your declaration

Now that the hard work is done, our platform allows you to create a new import or export declaration much quicker. It's true that there is quite a bit of information required by Revenue, but don't worry we've made it as simple as possible. And if you get stuck we are always here to help.

6. Approve and move your goods

Once submitted, Revenue inspects your declarations electronically. Our system sends you a notification as soon as there is a status update. In some cases, Revenue will request more information. However, our system will have already made sure to ask you for any relevant document which might be requested! Our customer service team will be therefore able to act on your behalf for any customs issues. All documentation will be stored for 4 years after a declaration is submitted to support any audit requirements.

Want to be certain if Declaron fits your needs? Complete Step 1, our 5 minute self-assessment...